Gift Cards Available !!

Not sure what to get? A gift card is the perfect solution!

Holiday Candles

Pure soy candles poured in Ontario with holiday fragrances, (and prices!), you can only dream of...
50 hour: $15.99 75+ hour: $27.50

Gift Card Holders

Not only are we cute, we can hold gift cards, money,
and even jewelry 😉

Canoe on a Lake Chip / Dip Set

Handmade in Ontario, you'll get lots of use out of this set and it's matching pieces.

Deb's Dips

We carry all of Deb's flavours, and don't forget the
avocado oil / himalayan salt chips!

Tea and Honey

Luxury teas, blended in Toronto go perfectly with Ontario honey!

Hot Mama's Pepper Jellies

Hot pepper jellies and drizzlers made with Scotch Bonnet Peppers will spice up your plate! Made in Ontario


Full line of top quality essential oils and blends, made with 100% pure steamed plant oils, manufactured in Canada. Use in one of our many beautiful diffusers.

Serendipity Candles

Pure soy candles, clean burning and long lasting, poured in Ontario.


The most luxurious and most beautiful smelling lotions, soaps, and room sprays, made in Montreal

Crystal Wine Glasses

Add elegance to your next dinner party with our 30% stronger crystal wine glasses, $9.99 each

Unique Gifts

Find lovely and unusual gifts, with new and exciting things always arriving!

Bird Feeders

Selection of quality feeders and baths that are meant to last!

Groom Products for Men

Handcrafted from natural ingredients, the core idea of Groom is to make the best of men's products, nothing less. No paraben, artificial perfume, colouring agents or petrolatum are used; only the best of carefully selected ingredients. Made in Montreal.

BBQ Season !!

Quality BBQ accessories and delicious sauces to keep
your BBQ enthusiast delighted.

Vegan Crossbody Purses

Super popular crossbody purse with RFID protected card slots to keep your cards secure when you're on the go!

Key Finders

Never look for your keys again! Beautiful and sparkly, these key finders add a fashion statement, and are functional too!
Made in Canada.

Village Gourmet

More than a beverage pitcher, Gurgle Pots produce a delightul "gurgling" sound as trapped air is released from the tail after pouring. Come see the large selection of different colours!

Pewter Gifts

Made in Nova Scotia, key chains and money clips are always great gifts!

Gnomes !!

So cute !! Lots more in store 😊

Kids Bath time !!

Bubble baths and soaps with their favourite characters, making bath time fun for your young ones!

Made in Canada

We proudly carry lots of products made in Canada 🍁

Gift Cards

We have lovely cards for all occasions, priced right too! Of course, they're designed and printed in Canada.

Snak Carafe

Keep the treats in your hands, not your hands in the treats !! Clever snack dispenser for a variety of goodies.
No treats? No problem, works with wine too 😉

Organic Maple Syrup and
Pancake Mix

Fluffly pancakes and organic maple syrup,
a perfect match made in Ontario !!

Pet Toys

Isn't it time to give your furry friend a new toy?

Home Decor

Lovely items to update your home.